Call for Applications


The Verona Shakespeare Fringe Festival

Call for Projects, Productions, and Proposals

The Verona Shakespeare Fringe Festival seeks productions and project proposals for its 2023 Festival, scheduled for August 24-31, 2023, in Verona.  Held simultaneously with the Shakespeare and the Mediterranean Summer School organized by Skenè Centre of the University of Verona, The Fringe is organised by the Municipality of Verona, “Estate Teatrale”, including the Verona Shakespeare Festival at the Roman Theatre, in collaboration with the Skenè Centre. The Fringe is at once lab, studio, crucible, incubator, hothouse, and platform. The Verona Shakespeare Fringe Festival values experimentation and conversation, expression and debate, and the lively exchange of ideas. Entering its third year, the Festival is an active member of the European Shakespeare Festivals Network, and creates a dynamic interplay between performance and research in contemporary Global Shakespearean practice.   

The Verona Shakespeare Fringe Festival seeks proposals that fit the Festival’s vision for new, untried, untested, and/or innovative Shakespearean productions or adaptations, and are animated by some combination of the following: 

  • New, original, and/or experimental approaches to Shakespeare’s plays and poetry
  • Artists, researchers, and companies engaged in intercultural, multi-lingual, intergenerational, or international work
  • Devised Theatre
  • International co-productions
  • Intersectional work in terms of live and digital performance
  • World Premiere performances

This year’s Festival will be presented at Teatro Camploy (, which beautifully combines a nineteenth-century structure with modern architecture, in the heart of Verona.  Festival participants will engage with students, scholars, audience members, and other artists in a rich exchange of performances, classes, and social events.  

Apply to Perform at the 2023 Verona Shakespeare Fringe Festival 

The call is open to international individuals, groups, or companies. The Festival accepts applications for both original, yet-to-be-performed-work, and performances that have already been on stage. Each group or individual can submit only one proposal. 

The Festival will take place at Teatro Camploy in Verona from August 24 to 31, 2023 and will be part of Estate Teatrale Veronese 2023.  

The Festival’s conditions and provisions include the following:

  • Teatro Camploy Venue, See Rider below
  • Fees range 1,000 to 3,000 euros per performance, dependent on size and nature of performance 
  • Reduced rates for accommodations and meals at the University canteen
  • Open-access interviews and Q&A sessions.
  • Information on the website for ground transport.
  • Organisation and promotion of the event. 
  • The Festival does not provide further honoraria, stipends, or other kinds of payment for artists or organizers of the individual companies.

DEADLINE: please provide production proposals by January 10, 2023.

Please consider joining us in Verona in August, to engage with the truly unique possibilities afforded by THE VERONA SHAKESPEARE FRINGE FESTIVAL!


  • Only professional artists and companies of professionals who meet the ex-ENPALS eligibility requirements are eligible.

Please be advised: 

  • Non-Italian companies need to have need to have the A1 FORM.

Submissions must include: 

  • Artistic bio of the company or the artist; 
  • technical rider of the performance for already established shows; 
  • requisite video trailers and photographic imagery; 
  • declarations of surtitle and visa requirements;
  • duration of the set-up and disassembly of the show.  

To propose a project, production, or idea, complete the application and send it to:




– ETC light mixer model SMARTFADE 48/96
– n ° 30 dimmer channels, 2500 Watts
– n ° 6 dimmer channels, 5000 Watts.
All dimmers are digital, with 5-pole DMX signal.
– 30 PCs, 1000 Watts
– on the stage n° 2 fixed motorized light bridges.
– on the stage n° 3 fixed motorized lighting trusses.


– Soundcraft Spirit E12 mixer
– N ° 2 JBL “EON” loudspeakers.


– n° 2 fixed backdrops of blackout cloth 
– n° 8 side stage curtains of blackout cloth
– dance floor mat in black PVC, 150 sq m (excluding fixing tape).