Call for Applications


The Verona Shakespeare Fringe

Call for Projects, Productions, and Proposals

In but a few short years, the Verona Shakespeare Fringe (VSF) has become a significant stop on the European Shakespeare Festivals circuit. We’re unique:  there’s no better way to say it. The festival blurs perceived boundaries between practical and academic Shakespearean work and creates a lively intersection of new possibilities in Shakespearean practice and scholarship. The Verona Shakespeare Fringe seeks productions and project proposals for its 2024 Festival held August 22-29 in Verona: join us!

The Fringe is organised by the Skenè Research Centre of the University of Verona and the Municipality of Verona, as part of the “Estate Teatrale Veronese”, which also includes the Verona Shakespeare Festival at the Roman Theatre. VSF takes place on the same days as the Shakespeare and the Mediterranean Summer School organised by Skenè. The VSF is at once lab, studio, crucible, incubator, hothouse, and platform. It values experimentation and conversation, expression and debate, and the lively exchange of ideas. 

The Verona Shakespeare Fringe seeks proposals that fit the festival’s vision for new, untried, untested, and/or innovative Shakespearean productions, along with already established productions that are animated by some combination of the following:

  • New, original, and/or experimental approaches to Shakespeare’s plays and poetry;
  • Artists, researchers, and companies engaged in intercultural, multi-lingual, intergenerational, or international work;
  • Devised Theatre;
  • International co-productions;
  • Intersectional work in terms of live and digital performance; and
  • World Premiere performances.

The VSF will be hosted at the Teatro Camploy ( located in a nineteenth-century church turned into a modern performance space in the twentieth century, in the heart of Verona. VSF participants will engage with students, scholars, audience members, and other artists in a rich exchange of performances, Q&A sessions, and social events.

Apply to Perform at the 2024 Verona Shakespeare Fringe 

The call is open to international professional individuals, groups, or companies. The festival accepts applications for both original, yet-to-be-performed-work, and performances that have already been on stage. Each group or individual can submit one proposal only.

The festival’s conditions and provisions include the following:

  • Teatro Camploy Venue (See Rider below; please make sure that your show can comply with the venue’s space and equipment availability);
  • Flat-rate reimbursement 1,000 to 3,000 euros per performance, depending on type of performance.Additionally, each company will receive 50% of the proceeds from ticket sales, net of copyright costs in accordance with Italian law. Both the reimbursement and the percentage of proceeds may be subject to tax withholding, based on the international conventions between Italy and the countries of the applicants;
  • Participation of the companies in interviews and Q&A sessions;
  • organisation and promotion of the event;
  • props, if available, for companies unable to provide them. The Festival Organisation retains the final decision about the material that can be provided. Requests should be specified in the application;
  • technical equipment and personnel as outlined in the technical rider; companies will be charged for any additional requests;
  • video-projector, laptop and a person (if necessary) in charge of running the English subtitles following a detailed script; companies are required to provide both the English subtitles and the script.

VSF does not provide further honoraria, stipends, or other kinds of payment for artists or staff of the companies.

DEADLINE: January 20, 2024.

Consider joining us in Verona in August, to engage with the truly unique possibilities afforded by the VERONA SHAKESPEARE FRINGE!


In order to be eligible, the applicants must be legal entities (private or public bodies), this entails having a legal representative with power of attorney, the ability to issue regular invoices, and possession of a bank account. Professionals who are not legal entities should sign a contract with a legal entity before the final agreement with the Festival Organisation. The legal entity will then sign the contract with the Festival Organisation as the legal representative of the professional/s. 

Non-Italian applicants established in EU State members must provide the A1 FORM, certifying Social Security Coverage in their own country and social security contribution exemption in Italy for each travelling member of the company. 

Non-Italian applicants NOT established in EU State members, or for whom the European Social Security Legislation does not apply, must verify the possibility of obtaining a document from the Social Security System of their own countries attesting the Social Security Coverage in their country and social security contribution exemption in Italy for each travelling member of the company.

In case applicants are unable to provide the A1 form (EU countries) or a similar document attesting social security payment in their own country (NON-EU countries), the Festival Organisation will need to pay the Social Security Coverage in Italy and the costs will be charged to the company (18,39 € for each worker for each day of the performance). 

For any further information regarding social security in an international context, please refer to the guide published by Pearle Live Performance Europe available here.

Submissions must include: 

  • artistic bio of the company or the artist;
  • technical rider of the performance, (please check the technical rider of the venue for details);
  • requisite video trailers and photographs; 
  • acceptance to provide surtitle in English;
  • declaration of compliance with visa requirements; 
  • duration of the set-up and disassembly of the show;
  • application form filled in with all the required details.

To propose a project, production, or idea, complete the application form and send it to:



– ETC light mixer model SMARTFADE 48/96
– n ° 30 dimmer channels, 2500 Watts
– n ° 6 dimmer channels, 5000 Watts
all dimmers are digital, with 5-pole DMX signal

– 20 PCs, 1000 Watts

– 4 par 56 300w

– 10 parled

– 2 ETC source4 zoom 25/50 

– Hazer
– on the stage n° 2 fixed motorized light bridges
– on the stage n° 3 fixed motorized lighting trusses


– Digital audio Mixer

– Stagebox

– N ° 2 JBL “EON” loudspeakers

– 5 loudspeakers full range 15 inches

– 1 wireless microphone


– n° 2 fixed backdrops of blackout cloth 
– n° 8 side stage curtains of blackout cloth (Italian-style wing setup)
– dance floor mat in black PVC, 150 sq m 


1 technical coordinator

2 technicians for load in and strike (max 8 hours per day)

he curtains will define the staging area in the frame, as shown in every picture.