PRODUCTION: Risima Risimkin & Skopje Dance Theater (North Macedonia)

August 29, 2023  9 p.m. – Teatro Camploy

Choreography & directing: Risima Risimkin

Music: Toni Kitanovski

Stage design: Matea Mijanovikj

Costumes: Blagoj Micevski


Lady Macbeth: Anastasija Danchevska

Macbeth: Dejan Bitrovski

Witch, Lady Macbeth’s alter ego: Boban Ruseski
Witch, Macbeth’s alter ego: Sarah Cvetkovska
Witches’ Choir, dancers by Skopje Dance Theater
: Viktorija Koceva, Stefanie Schaarschmidt, Klara Hristovska and Joana Blagadusha.

The guest performance to Verona is supported by Goce Delchev University, N. Macedonia, through the project “UGD – Stepping into the world”.

The work of the Skopje Dance Theater is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of N. Macedonia.

Risima Risimkin’s Lady Macbeth deals with the psychological profile of the title character. It is an intimate history, pictures and sketches about the dilemmas of existence. The main character is Lady Macbeth, who plays a key role in her husband’s rise to power. Through a psychological analysis of her character, the struggle for power and control is shown, as well as her madness, due to the inability to cope with what she has done.

The performance is inspired by Shakespeare’s play Macbeth and is a production of Skopje Dance Theater, Interart Culture Center.

Risima Risimkin is one of the leading Macedonian choreographers and artistic director of Dance Fest Skopje, Skopje Dance Theater and full-time professor PhD, at the State University “Goce Delchev” in Shtip, N.Macedonia, where she founded and become Dean of The Contemporary Dance Department. Risimkin is founder of the Interart Centre for Culture (1996), she has made around forty authorial projects and has guest performances in USA, Europe & Asia. In 2012 she participated in the Culture Olympiad in London with the choreography for the play Henri, VI of National Theater Bitola, Macedonia, for the “Globe to Globe” program of Globe Theater.