PRODUCTION: Risima Risimkin & Skopje Dance Theater (North Macedonia)

August 29, 2023  9 p.m. – Teatro Camploy

Lady Macbeth is scheduled to premiere at the Verona Shakespeare Festival in 2023. It will be a contemporary dance performance inspired by Shakespeare’s play Macbeth with Skopje Dance Theater dancers. The main character is Lady Macbeth, who plays a key role in her husband’s rise to power. Through a psychological analysis of her character, the struggle for power and control is shown, as well as her madness, due to the inability to cope with what she has done.

The scenographic elements are mobile and are in the form of windows in various forms through which the characters and the story will be captured, the music is by a jazz composer, there will be a contemporary sound with basic character development through musical leitmotifs. The costumes will be adapted into a contemporary stage expression, based on historical elements.