PRODUCTION: Titowak/Ebrahim Poshtkoohi (Iran/Poland)

August 25, 2023  9 p.m. – Teatro Camploy

Produced by Titowak Theater Group and directed by Ebrahim Poshtkoohi, the show reinterprets Shakespeare’s Macbeththrough the perspective of the south Iranian Zar ritual. Set on Hormuz Island, the play’s quest for power intersects with the mysticism of the Zar ritual and employs Eastern performance styles – such as Kathakali, Kabuki, and Butoh – alongside the traditional Italian Commedia dell’Arte. This intercultural approach highlights the exploration of ambition, loyalty, and existential struggle, enriching the play’s emotional and thematic layers. The production’s minimalist design, symbolic accessories, and evocative costumes are complemented by a compelling lighting scheme that emphasizes its dramatic tension and mystical atmosphere. The performance is a sensory experience, with a soundtrack that blends Iranian, Japanese, and African musical influences, underscoring the universality of Shakespeare’s work through the power of artistic collaboration across cultures.