PRODUCTION: Daniel Zappi (Czech Republic)

August 26, 2023  9 p.m. – Teatro Camploy

Shakespearean plays often included music and dance as an integral means of underscoring narrative and engaging the audience, both popular folk songs of his day and originals he penned himself. However, in most cases the music to his songs hasn’t survived to our present day. In 2023, actor and singer-songwriter Daniel Zappi set about composing original music for a selection of Shakespeare’s monologues, sonnets and songs. Interpreted on voice, guitar, mandolin, piano and percussion, each piece is conceived as part of an emotional journey into Shakespeare’s plays (such as A Midsummer Night’s DreamMuch Ado About NothingOthelloCymbelineTwelfth Night and more). 

The show premiered in August 2023 at the International Theatre Festival of Volterra, Italy. It has since been performed in Spain, Czechia and Italy.