PRODUCTION: Footsbarn Travelling Theatre (France)

August 27, 2023  9 p.m. – Teatro Camploy

Footbarn Travelling Theatre presents Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night through a modern lens, exploring the relevant issues of gender and immigration in today’s world. 

Two young people fleeing from their home, are washed up in a dinghy, on foreign shores, and find themselves in a strange and unusual land. Here they encounter new social norms, they fall in love and explore a spectrum of sexualities and gender positions and fluctuating gender binary, the likes of which they have never experienced, swept along in a frolic of live music, original songs, and classic comedy clowning.

This play explores the theme of gender identity that the younger generations are bringing to the world’s attention. Viola and Sebastian’s uncanny sameness points towards the duality and interchangeability of gender identity and suggests that discrete binary gender is itself a myth.